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It’s common knowledge that Streets of rage 2 has an amazing soundtrack. Even to this day it still holds up, sounds amazing and shits on other dance soundtracks.

The third stage of Streets of rage 2 was great, up until you hit the final section when the game ripped off Aliens and then ripped off Blanka. The one saving grace was that the music was fucking awesome. Even with bitch ass ninjas teleporting through my attacks and rip off Blanka upper-cutting me non stop, I still shimmied and worked a shoulder to TEH ALIEN POWA!

I didn’t want to remix this theme. Just re-do it. As amazing as the original sounds, it’s as tinny as fuck. So I just updated the sound to give it some extra kick that Blaze can bounce her booty to.

  • Track: Alien power (Random J's reload)
  • Artist: Alien power<br>Reloaded by ?J
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